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A Member’s Report – Hubert Ryan

My twenty-two years’ membership of Hawks CC started in the summer of 1998. The club was recommended by a friend and the warm welcome I received has kept me there all these years. Since then I have always maintained a desire to ensure that everyone joining the club enjoys the warm welcome that I received.

I have been a very active member over the years as a player, as well as serving on the club committee. I don’t play as much these days so have dedicated my time in other areas of expanding the club and providing an ideal atmosphere for sports and community affairs.

Over many years of playing cricket, I have always enjoyed watching how cricket pitches have been prepared so decided to take on the role of groundsman/curator for Hawks CC. I spend hours in the evenings after work and time on the weekends to ensure that the cricket pitches are of a high standard to produce an even balance between bat and ball. I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills of how to prepare cricket pitches. I have been on numerous seminars with the Essex Groundsmen Association and have also completed online courses which have been very useful in developing my skills. I endeavour to produce high quality pitches for players to come along and showcase their skills and talents whilst enjoying an even balance pitch that doesn’t favour any particular player or team.

Through our own fundraising and help from our team members, the club has invested in machinery and other necessary equipment to enable the essential works required in producing adequate and suitable facilities for the playing and development of cricket at the club.

My time is dedicated free of charge as cricket has always been my passion and the safety of the players on an even surface keeps me motivated. The club has received a lot of positive feedback and commendation from teams we play against for the quality of our cricket pitches, facilities and the friendly atmosphere. This feedback keeps me driven as it’s a recognition of my hard work and dedication and has been a great selling point for the club.

Our club has embarked on a journey to become well established in the community and has started a membership drive. We aim to promote sports in the community especially amongst those who don’t get the opportunity to get involved in local activities. We aim to provide an opportunity for everyone to get involved in sports to help promote health and well-being in our communities.