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History of Hawks Cricket Club

Club History

Hawks Cricket Club was founded in October 1969 when a group of eight West Indian Cricketers working at The Standard Telephone Company in New Southgate, became disenchanted with the way The Works Cricket team was being run and decided to form their own West Indian based Cricket Club. The original name was Caribbean Hawks, but when it came to registering the Clubs name with The Club Cricket Conference (CCC), it was shortened to just Hawks as they already had an abundance of clubs with the name ‘Caribbean’ in their title. The CCC were very helpful and advised our members on how things worked and the rules on how to run a cricket club.

Club secretary - Eddie Webb


For many years Eddie has been in charge of the clubs secretarial undertaking, which includes booking the pitches, club insurance and all matters with the local council. He is also engaged in the process of getting our clubs cricket club mark, which is an important step forward for the clubs future plans. This club mark means that the club is operating to the standards which is
set up by the ECCB. 2020 has been a turbulent year for many, but fortunately for Hawks CC we were able to successfully complete an application for a grant from the ECCB to help the club during these difficult times and this was with much help from Eddie. The work Eddie carries out is invaluable to the club and all of its members. As the chairman of the club and a playing member, I would like to thank Eddie for all of his hard work and time, which he has dedicated to the club over the years and we truly appreciate all of the help he has given us.

A Member’s Report – Hubert Ryan


My twenty-two years’ membership of Hawks CC started in the summer of 1998. The club was recommended by a friend and the warm welcome I received has kept me there all these years. Since then I have always maintained a desire to ensure that everyone joining the club enjoys the warm welcome that I received.
I have been a very active member over the years as a player, as well as serving on the club committee. I don’t play as much these days so have dedicated my time in other areas of expanding the club and providing an ideal atmosphere for sports and community affairs Read more...

Project Manager – Leanne Sylvan


At Hawks CC, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community and aim to actively support charities close to our team members, so throughout the year we hold various events to raise money and from next year have chosen two main charities to focus our efforts on; Cancer Research and the National Kidney Federation. We encourage team members,
family and friends to come along to our annual BBQ fundraiser where everyone can enjoy a day of sports, raffles, prizes and fantastic Caribbean cuisine. We also hold an annual dance and presentation to support and congratulate our team members and our back room staff for all of their hard work each season. In addition to these events, we also hold open days for anyone looking to join a friendly team where they can use the opportunity to get fit and enjoy a social atmosphere. As a local sports facility we aim to enhance the development of local talent and at the same time encourage persons of every age, race and gender to play, enjoy, support and participate. If you think this could be the right place for you, get in touch now and arrange a visit.